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Glendale Heritage Hand Made Tea
Hand Made

Why is the industry excited about Glendale Heritage, our handmade tea?

Glendale Aurea SFTGFOP
Glendale Aurea SFTGFOP
The Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe commands a premium for good reason.
Why Glendale Tea

The Glendale advantage
The reasons that make Glendale the preferred choice for some of the biggest labels is also the reasons why you should consider doing business with us.

Glendale Tea News

Award Winning. Glendale Tea wins the "Golden Leaf India Award" for quality.

Glendale boutique tea.
Glendale tea can be custom blended for you. Designer and special occasion packaging is available on request.

Small business offers.
Glendale tea can be supplied in limited quantities.

About our ESTATEs

High Grown Tea.
"The Cognac of Tea" has a smooth and robust taste

High Grown Glendale Tea

Glendale Estate & Nilgiris.
Glendale Estate was established in 1860. Read the about our long history...

Read more about the history of Glendale Estate
Social commitment & responsibility

Health And Education.
Glendale tea gives back to society. Our commitment in the form of Glendale Estate run schools and hospitals helps bring everyone of our employees and their families under the coverage umbrella.

Education and schools
run by Glendale Estate reaches every child on the estate and beyond...

Glendale Estate run schools

Health Coverage
for all employees of Glendale Estate, ensures wellness. Our hsopitals are staffed with doctors and support personnel.
Glendale Estate run Hospitals
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